Unlock the full potential of your music by leveraging Hankad’s YouTube Content ID service. Hankad is dedicated to helping artists and labels protect their music, ensuring they receive the royalties they deserve.

What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content ID is a powerful tool that allows you to identify and manage your music on YouTube. When someone uses your music in their videos, Content ID automatically detects it, enabling you to monetize those views and protect your intellectual property.

How Hankad Helps You

Hankad’s YouTube Content ID service goes beyond simple detection. Here’s how we support your music career:

  1. Protection: We continuously monitor YouTube to ensure that your music is used appropriately. Unauthorized usage is flagged, and you have the power to take action.
  2. Monetization: When your music is used in user-generated content, Hankad ensures you earn royalties. We claim these videos and monetize them, so you get paid for every view.
  3. Maximizing Revenue: Hankad optimizes the management of your catalog to maximize earnings. By claiming user-generated content, we turn potential infringements into revenue streams.
  4. Comprehensive Reporting: Stay informed with detailed reports on how and where your music is being used. Hankad provides transparent analytics, so you can see the impact of Content ID on your earnings.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Hankad’s YouTube Content ID service is easy:

  1. Sign Up: Join Hankad by signing up on our platform.
  2. Upload Your Music: Submit your music catalog to Hankad. Our team will handle the rest, integrating your tracks with YouTube’s Content ID system.
  3. Monitor and Earn: Once your music is uploaded, Hankad begins monitoring YouTube for any usage of your tracks. Sit back and watch your revenue grow as we protect and monetize your music.

Why Choose Hankad?


Don’t let unauthorized use of your music go unchecked. With Hankad’s YouTube Content ID service, protect your intellectual property and turn every play into profit. Sign up today and let Hankad help you monetize your music effectively.