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Upload, and monitor music: streams, downloads, analytics, and sales.

Unlimited Uploads

Distribute an unlimited number of releases without any constraints.

Rights Protection

Secure content, maximize earnings on major social platforms.

Revenue Splitting

Simplify revenue sharing with artists or producers, it's all automated!

Royalty Advance

Secure upfront payments for projects using your streaming data insights.

Music-Biz Expertise

Get expert consultation to advance your music career.

How It Works

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Apply to join us, we only accept and invite real artists/labels with accurate info and active social profiles.


After approval, log in and submit music. We review and distribute to streaming services and stores.


Start earning streams, downloads, and royalties. Track success transparently on your dashboard.

Hankad Vs. Other Platforms

Platforms Hankad CDBaby DistroKid Tunecore ONErpm
Pricing $0 yearly *Unlimited*+ 20% across all platforms, including YouTube. One-time fee per release *Limited* + 30% on YouTube. $22.99 yearly + $4.95 per single or $14.95 per album per year + 20% on YouTube. $14.99 yearly *Limited* + 20% on YouTube. $0 yearly *Unlimited*15% on DSPs + 30% on YouTube.
Customer Support Response Time 12 Hours Days Days Days Days
Delivery Time 1-7 days on Fastlane 3-5 days 1-7 days 5 days+ 3-4 Weeks
Fees per Release $0 Unlimited Uploads! single: $9.95 album: $29 $0 single: $9.99 album: $29.99 (per year/or $0 for unlimited) $0 Unlimited Uploads!
Pre-Scheduled Release Dates Yes, available for free Yes No, requires $35.99/year upgrade Yes, available for free Yes, available for free
Multiple Artist/Label Profiles Yes, unlimited for free No, limited to one profile Yes, requires an upgrade at a fee Yes, requires an upgrade at a fee No, Limited to one profile.
Royalty Split Fee Yes, Available for free! Not offered Yes / $19.99 a year per each collaborator Not offered Not offered
Royalty Advances Yes Not offered Not offered Not offered Not offered

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Sign up for free with unlimited distribution and user profiles, 20% commission across all platforms, no hidden costs, fast customer support, pre-order features, royalty splits, and advances. Elevate your music business now!

Compare Plans

Whether you’re an independent solo artist or a label working with multiple artists, we’ve got you covered. Our plans offer unlimited music distribution.


Start sharing your music risk-free with our Free Plan. Get global distribution, unlimited releases, a user-friendly dashboard, multiple artist profiles, and earn an 80% royalty share.


You keep 80% of royalties


Elevate your music career—includes all FREE plan features, plus priority support, dedicated account management, early access to new features, fastlane releases, and 100% royalty retention.


You keep 100% of royalties

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Frequently Asked Questions

We distribute to hundreds of different outlets and digital service providers. To check out our list of current partners, click here. We are always adding new distribution partners to our network.

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a 12-digit ID specifically for recordings, while EAN/UPC serves as a product code. These codes are crucial for managing your music products effectively.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can use your own ISRC and EAN/UPC codes if you have them.
  • If you don’t have your own codes, Hankad will automatically generate them for a fee: 0.75 Euro for ISRC and 1.00 Euro for EAN/UPC
  • This fee will be deducted from your monthly sales.

We pay monthly after our accounting. If your music is streamed or downloaded, you’ll get your royalties statement on the 1st of each month. Some stores may take up to 3 months to report, causing a delay in your first payment. You can track sales and earnings by logging in. Payment threshold: 50 euros.

After submission, your release undergoes a 2-day Content Review. Approved releases are sent to stores. Each store activates releases at its pace. You have 6 priority fast lane releases per month, delivered within 1-7 Days. Other releases take 3-4 weeks. Track release status on your dashboard. Use the 3-4 week period for marketing planning. Take advantage of pre-orders for anticipation.

You can use your music streaming data to ask for upfront payments. If your music consistently earns money each month, you can request more than your usual monthly income. You pay back this advance using the money you make each month, making it a smart way to fund your creative projects. Learn more about Royalty Advances below.


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