Royalty Advance

Without Losing Your Rights

At Hankad, we’re committed to supporting artists and labels in achieving their creative goals. Our Royalty Advance Program offers upfront financial support to users who distribute their music through our platform, helping them invest in their careers without waiting for future earnings.

What is a Royalty Advance?

A royalty advance is an upfront payment made to artists and labels against their current and future earnings from music distribution. With Hankad’s Royalty Advance Program, you can access a portion of your estimated earnings upfront, enabling you to invest in your career, cover expenses, or fund new projects without waiting for royalty payments to accumulate over time.

How It Works

1. Apply

Track your sales and submit your application by filling out our form below with personal and financial details, including your music distribution history; then, send it through our platform for review.

2. Evaluation

Our team assesses your distribution history, including track record and popularity, analyzes projected earnings, and determines your eligibility for a royalty advance based on criteria like earnings thresholds and account activity.

3. Advance Offer

Upon approval, receive a personalized advance offer detailing the amount and terms; once accepted, the advance is directly deposited into your account after reviewing and agreeing to the terms.


Artists and labels with a track record of distribution through Hankad, earning a minimum of 1000 euros per month.

Upon approval, advances are typically processed within 7 days.

Yes, you’re free to allocate the funds towards music production, promotion, equipment, or any other career-related expenses.

Repayment occurs automatically from your future earnings until the advance is fully recouped.

There is no fee to apply.

Yes, as part of our advance program, you’re required to transfer your music catalog to Hankad and continue distribution through us until the advance is repaid from your streaming royalties across various platforms. If you have a significant back catalog, we can assist with the transfer process.

Sign up for free music distribution on Hankad here.

If you encounter difficulties repaying the advance, please contact our support team to discuss potential solutions and alternative repayment arrangements.

You can request more advances at any time depending on your income; however, each advance will be evaluated separately based on your eligibility and distribution history.

Start Your Next Musical Project Today!

Are you an artist or label with steady music earnings on Hankad? Our Royalty Advance offers funds based on your streaming history and future royalties—no hassles, just straightforward financing for your next big project.